From the Focus Group

During 2015, Pathway Posters were introduced to five Focus Groups. Each person in attendance was given a choice of ONE poster (of any kind) in return for their feedback which would be used in the development of our creative process. They provided excellent input, comments and critiques. From their feedback, we chose the words to describe our product. Some feedback is below:


"Don't let what you CAN'T DO stop you from doing what you CAN DO"Hanging above our key rack is the poster that reads, “Don’t let what you CAN’T DO stop you from doing what you CAN DO!” (from “Inspirational & Motivational”) We see the powerful words every time we reach for our keys, and we walk out the door with a tremendous boost of confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


The “Waterfall” was an easy choice for me. It’s on my little boy’s playroom wall. I know he is facing a lot of twists and turns and rocky paths in his life, but this poster (from “Inspirational & Motivational”) will be a positive reminder for him to look for each one to bring a different adventure and a new hope.


What if your JOURNEY ends today???? If you were saying “good-bye” today for the last time, what would you want your loved-ones to know about you? What would you wish you had said to them? What secrets should you have revealed? Today, with pen in hand, capture your "Journey". Speak from your heart and in your own words. Leave nothing unsaid, for hearts are broken by words left unspoken. Take the opportunity NOW to share your journey with loved ones while you are still alive rather than being read at your funeral. Create a special occasion to read your testatment to family and friends or include your letter reading as part of a birthday, anniversary, or holiday celebration. This decorative testament preserves your season in time. With it, you reflect on your values and life lessons, share you special memories and cherished moments, state your spiritual beliefs, confess regrets, ask forgiveness, voice future hopes and wishes for yourself and for your loved-ones, express gratitude and love to those who made your life better. It provides a whole page of blank, ruled-lines for you to fill in by your own hand. At the top are two lines for your name and date of birth. At the bottom are two ruled lines for your signature and date. An elegantly-ornate header with the title, "Journey, The Story of My Life" is on a background with the look of antique parchment. Your "Journey" becomes a personal cherished keepsake for your loved ones. Available in 2 sizes: 11x17 and 13x19. From the "Testaments and Tributes" collection of ORNAMENTAL DOCUMENTS.I love “Journey” (from “Testaments & Tributes”) It changed my life! Way more than a typical biography, it caused me to address my inner thoughts and analyze my deepest feelings. Filling out this ‘testament’ forced me to face up to some bad decisions that left me with painful regrets. And looking back over all the opportunities I threw away have opened my eyes to mistakes I won’t make again. Working on the “Journey” poster helped me to reflect on what I’ve done with my life and what I still need to do. It helped me to focus on what truly matters – and what does not. This poster is so personal, that I call it a ‘tangible expression’ of myself that will exist after I’m gone.

PricelessLooking for a baby gift that will always have meaning? Be prepared to create one of the most treasured keepsakes you will ever have!!! It's Day 1 of your child's life, and YOU want to make sure you have a recorded footprint from his/her first day on Earth!! This decorative birth certificate provides blank, ruled-lines for you to fill in. (Baby's name, 'was born to', date, time, weight, length, hospital, city, state, and your first comments.) A cuddly little bear looks on as your baby's footprints are taken for the very first time. Instantly, you have a keepsake that will be treasured forever. Available in 2 sizes: 11x17 and 13x19. From the "Certificates & Awards" collection of ORNAMENTAL DOCUMENTS.

We chose “Welcome Baby” (from “Certificates & Awards”) at the perfect time! My niece was born 2 days later, and the nursing staff stamped her little footprints on the adorable birth certificate in the “first few minutes of her life”. No doubt Kamara will consider this a priceless gift from her aunt & uncle and cherish it till the end of her life. My husband and I could not have found a more meaningful gift!

Strong & Durable

WSSC-103I first noticed the durability of Pathway Posters compared to the average posters I purchased in the past. Having just bought several large movie posters online for my teenage son, I remember they were so thin and flimsy, that they bent and wrinkled just trying to hang them. The Pathway Posters are very thick and strong. Easy to work with. No bends, tears or wrinkles. His poster is “Create in Me a Pure Heart” (from “Scriptural & Spiritual”).

Convenient SizeWSIN-118

My child has “Be Yourself” (from “Inspirational & Motivational”) hanging in her locker at school. She said it fits perfectly in the locker and gives her confidence to stay true to who she is. So for me 11×17 and 13×19 are the perfect sizes for a school locker.

Practical & Useful

Have you ever forgotten an important birthday???? Yikes! You forgot their birthday and you're in TROUBLE!!! Hang this adorable "Birthday Bee" in view for a constant reminder of upcoming birthdays, and you will BEE on time for all birthday wishes. This 12-month perpetual calendar grid provides space for your birthdates. Perfect to remember birthdays of classmates in a school room, employees at the office and wherever there is a group that honors birthdays. Simple & easy -- fill it in year after year and never again forget another birthday! Image description: Happy little yellow & black bumble bee on a natural-colored background with multi-colored title. Available in 2 sizes: 11x17 and 13x19. From the "Milestones & Mementos" collection of ORNAMENTAL DOCUMENTS.I’m crazy about the “Birthday Bee” (from “Milestones & Mementos”). It’s tacked inside my pantry door and reminds me of the upcoming birthdays. A larger poster wouldn’t fit in my pantry. So I like the convenient size but I also like that it’s practical and useful.

Meaningful & CherishedWould you like a family portrait painted by your child? Create a cherished keepsake with "The Family Fence" for your child's artistic expressions! On it, the child draws or paints the family, friends, pets, etc. and signs it of course! The multi-colored headline reads, "My Family Fence". It provides a 'white slatted fence' background for the artwork. Available in 2 sizes: 11x17 and 13x19.From the "Milestones & Mementos" collection of ORNAMENTAL DOCUMENTS.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to find a meaningful gift. All of the Ornamental Documents are meaningful. We chose “My Family Fence” (from “Milestones & Mementos”). So our little girl painted our family on the “Family Fence” and it’s hung in our hallway with other important paintings. It’s a darling sketch of her dad and me, her two brothers sitting around a campfire watching her pet our dog. Her perception of us and our family outing shows her happiness. This is a treasure that we’ll cherish forever!

Therapeutic & Healing

Create a cherished and loving keepsake for your motherr. From your heart ... and in your own words ... and by your own hand.... give your motherr a lasting treasure. A tangible gift of love. Put your most intimate feelings on paper. Write down everything you should say, but have not. Leave nothing unsaid! Speak of your unconditional love for her; give her praise; encourage her dreams; tell her why you value your relationship with her. The "Letter to My Mother" is more than a note on a card, it's your expression of love to a mother you will cherish forever. In the days of email and texts, the written letter may seem outdted; however, this decorative letter is a testament to your sincere feelings.. It provides a whole page of blank, ruled-lines for you to fill in by your own hand. At the bottom are two ruled lines to be dated and signed by you. An elegantly-ornate header with the title, "Letter to My Mother" is on a background of the look of antique parchment. Available in 2 sizes: 11x17 and 13x19. From the "Testaments and Tributes" collection of ORNAMENTAL DOCUMENTS.No lie! Writing the “Letter to My Mother” (from the “Testaments & Tributes”) was therapy to me. It took some time and it caused a lot of tears, but I said things in the letter that I would have never been able to say to her face. That letter opened the door to deep communication between us, and because of it, we’ve healed some wounds. I am thankful for the opportunity to work on this project, for I know “hearts are sometimes broken because words are left unspoken”. Because of this letter, our relationship is mended.