BowWow and MeeYow


Do you advocate a better life for animals? Here’s a fresh new way to raise awareness for your cause AND raise funds to support it! Our 2017 Campaign features BowWow and MeeYow and promotes HAPPY and HEALTHY ANIMALS.  Our newest products are quick-reference reminders for your fridge.  These simple, lo-price products make for a practical AND profitable choice for group-gifts AND fund-raisers.  To receive in time for Fall Festivals, ORDER by:  09/30/16 for 70% off suggested retail price.   Call: (912) 682-5435 or Email:

FlashFacts:  Handy and helpful FACTS in a FLASH


Designs for PostCards, FlatCards and NoteCards:

Make your event more special when you present CERTIFICATES of APPRECIATION to your VOLUNTEERS and DONORS. Send ‘Thank You’ PostCards to those who helped; Send ‘Memorial Donation’ PostCards to those who gave tributes. Catalogs and forms below are available to download.

CERTIFICATES: Award Volunteers and Donors for their help


  • Flash Facts
  • Poster Prints
  • Greeting Cards

Price: Suggested Resale Value:

  • Size 8 1/2 x 14:  $10
    Discount: 50%
    Discount:  70% (if purchased by 09/30/16)

Mimimum Order:

  • 200 prints (FlashFacts or PosterPrints)
    Designs may be mixed.


Suggestions: Buy in BULK at a LOW PRICE. Set you own price for sale or donation. Set up a local exhibition; Ask local businesses and organizations if they would donate some space for your event (display) for the cause of the animals. Offer BowWow and MeeYow products on your social networks Ask your connections (volunteers) to sell and push on local networks Ask local biz to sell for donations ask local biz to donate for a stack of product (when they sell they get some of it back)sell to interested biz and they put them on their counter for donations and they will get some back. Share where the money is going and what it provides and for whom. People who love and respect pets will be happy to donate when they know they will make a difference.
Set up at local arts, crafts, fairs, kiosks, etc. and hand out at malls and large department stores. in support of your LOCAL animal shelter.