About the 2017 Campaign

The PATHWAY CLUB was founded in 2011.  It’s a group of people who design products that help organizations support their cause.  These products make a difference AND make a profit.  Each year, we introduce a new campaign with new products for a new cause.

Who might connect to the 2017 Campaign?

The 2017 campaign promotes health and happiness for animals.  The products feature BowWow and MeeYow, a puppy and kitty who will help you raise awareness for your cause AND raise funds to support it.

So HOW can it benefit you?

These products are both promotional and profitable.  Promotional in that the product displays your name; therefore, your organization is promoted every time someone looks at it.  Profitable in that you buy the products in bulk at a very low price and then sell them at retail.  You buy at a discount as high as 85%.

So WHAT are the products … and WHY would people buy them?

The products are 2017 Calendars, PosterNotes and PostCards.  They are handy and helpful products that people use on a daily basis.

What are the prices … and what are the packages … how much can be made?

The Calendars and PosterNotes retail at $7 each.  Packages A, B, and C offer them for as little as $1 each – that’s more than 85% discount!  Based on the suggested retail price, the profit from Package C is $6,000.

When does the campaign for 2017 products end?

August 15, 2016

How to best promote the Calendars and PosterNotes?

  • Display products on the counter-top at your place of business
  • Set up exhibit at Arts & Crafts shows and Fairs and Trade Shows
  • Authorize Volunteers to sell Door to door
  • Sell products via a Kiosk at local stores
  • Encourage supporters to put them in their stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Inspire vets, pet parlors, etc. to sell to their customers

Contact us to order or learn more

  • Contact PATHWAY CLUB
  • Email: info@pathway.club
  • Phone: (912 682-5435